Attorney General Hon. Leo Ryan Pinder and Youth, Sports and Culture Minister Hon. Mario Bowleg is doing the country right as they go after lawless, corrupt and outright “THIEFIN” NGOs who collected public funds for years, failed the nation and did not account for the funds advanced to them.

Recently, we saw the Prodigal Sons Junkanoo group return a $30,000 cheque to the public treasury after their failure to present themselves on Bay Street. 

Today, however, we find out that a newly registered group named “The World Famous Valley Boys Junkanoo Group” has penned a letter to Attorney General Pinder on March 10th, 2024, seeking registration of the new group as a non-profit. 

For 65 plus years, and now particularly under Brian Adderley’s wutless leadership, there was no proper registration in law as a non-profit (The Valley Boys). We at Bahamas National cannot recall there being any elections for the officers presented in the letter to the Attorney General. Who sits as the Secretary to have records of a said meeting upon the election of the leadership?

More than one year ago we were among the first to warned the now B Group, “The World Famous Valley Boys Junkanoo Group”, to get its act together after failing for years to have an accounting of funds, a proper registration of the group and a meeting with members who were demanding an accounting of the millions collected. 

And now today we know The Attorney General knows what FRAUD looks like when it comes to his desk. Firstly, Brian Adderley cannot send the Attorney General of the Bahamas a letter bearing a fraudulent letterhead. Adderley is the leader of “The World Famous Valley Boys Junkanoo Group” a new “B” Category Group!

– Looking closer at this letter, the question must be asked: WHO IS THE SECRETARY of this new group? Where is that officer in the leadership? That position nor any individual was not penned in the letter presented to the Attorney General of the Bahamas! A proper board must have a secretary!

– Was there a recorded meeting of the body to establish this newly minted “B”  junkanoo group?

The Attorney General must also question if the public money advanced to Brian Adderley and his band over the years followed compliance rules for non-profits! They did not do it then and we doubt they are doing it now! This is serious if anyone believes they can trick the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Bahamas into being something they are not! 

The Government of the Bahamas through the Attorney General has already identified and registered a group called “The Valley Boys” and (get this) it does not include anyone who is listed in the letter penned by Brian Adderley to the AG! The letter presented includes actions of FRAUD if ya ask us!

Secondly, we want the JCNP to get quickly up to speed on this development. The rules are clear! “The World Famous Valley Boys Junkanoo Group” (the newly registered company) must present in its first year as a B-Group. This is what Brian Adderley now heads and that is that!

Ya didn’t deal with the terlet situation in the shacks! We warned of a need to call a General Meeting. Adderley failed to call a General Meeting by the membership to give a full accounting of the money collected over MANY MANY YEARS! You ignored the call for elections! And like an undemocratic tyrant you collected public money while failing to follow compliance requirements as a fully registered non-profit! You could not deliver a single victory at the parade in years and THE BACKLINE HAS HAD ENOUGH AND NOW YA GONE!

New Leadership has come to the VALLEY BOYS – AND WE ARE TAKING NO PRISONERS!


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