NASSAU| The new “B” Category Group “The World Famous Valley Boys Junkanoo Group” headed by former Valley Boys leader Brian Adderley and Co. has now forced both the Minister of Finance and Attorney General into a legal battle.

Good information coming into Bahamas Press desk now confirms the former leaders used their fraudulent letters and contacts causing the Inland Revenue to violate licensing rules.

We understand that a member of the new “B” Group wiggled his way into the Inland Revenue Department to convince an employee to allow The Valley Boys trading name to be used and placed it on Government paper. THIS IS LAWLESS!

We warned Brian Adderley and his wicked crew that a proper accounting and reporting of money collected in the name of the Valley Boys was critical to their survival at the head of the 65-year-old Junkanoo Group. They failed to hold a meeting of the membership. They failed to account fully for the monies collected for years. They failed to properly register the Valley Boys as a proper non-profit in order to maintain right standing with the Government’s non-profit rules and now that group’s members (mainly the backline) have organized and properly registered the group. Adderley, in his lawless wicked schemes, seeks to hold onto power even if he tricks Inland Revenue.

Bahamas National just this past week warned the Attorney General of the Bahamas to exercise caution in following up with a letter filed by Adderley seeking registration of his new group. And today he has gone further in creating a serious illegal registration in INLAND REVENUE!

Bahamas National is learning an investigation into the Inland Department has started and, boy, when yinner know what we know yinner will be shocked at the new low some people will go to collect money!
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