Minister of Labour and the Public Service, the Hon. Pia Glover-Rolle attended the annual general meeting of the National Tripartite Council (NTC) on Thursday at the National Training Agency. The theme for the meeting was ‘Decent Work-Shaping the Culture of the Nation’s Workforce’.

In her remarks to those gathered Glover-Rolle said, “we recently unveiled the Department of Labour’s 10 Point Plan for Labour Transformation which intersects with most of our NTC objectives. This plan includes the implementation of the Decent Work Country Program and the National Apprenticeship Program. It also includes the expansion of our labour skills database to support these initiatives. It includes that modernization of relevant labour laws. Our objectives in the Department are inline with what the goals of the NTC are.”

The minister appealed to stakeholders to buy in to the governments labour agenda. “When we successfully achieve this agenda by promoting decent work, training our people, reforming our labour and HR laws and policies, securing opportunities for Bahamians, maintaining positive labour relations and all the other areas of our agenda, when we achieve these things everyone benefits.”

Glover-Rolle told that NTC that she is an optimist and that she believe that the high expectations can be exceed by doing things that have not been done before.

(BIS Photos/Anthon Thompson)


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