A massive lineup of Christian Gospel artists are set to perform at the National Gospel Concert this Sunday, June 25, 2023 at 6pm at Bahamas Faith Ministries, Carmichael Road. They will perform under the theme: “The Sound of Jubilee: One God. One People.”

The lineup features many traditional favourite soul-stirring singers and bands, as well as some of the hottest new Bahamian Gospel artists. This is a free event, and the public is encouraged to bring the entire family to join in songs of thanks and praise for the country’s Golden Jubilee. 

“Fifty years of Gospel music in The Bahamas is worth celebrating,” said Travis Edgecombe, producer of the National Gospel Concert.

“Our team has been working diligently in making sure that this Sunday is one to remember!”

Featured artists include: the Tabernacle Concert Choir; Antonio Thompson; Clyn Kristopher; Kenya Ferguson; Shanette Hepburn; Joinae Gibson; The Region Bells; St Francis Youth Choir; The Rahming Brothers; Edison Sumner & Kenyatta Taylor; Prisca Burrows; Ignited; terrell Tinker; Christopher Roberts; V Mac; Landlord; Akeem Gardiner; Eman; Iamstacs; Latasha Taylor; and Shaback.

Other Gospel artists set to grace the stage include: Clement Penn; Denczil Rolle & friends; Nehemiah Hield; Rashad Cunningham; Leadria Smith; Angelica McIntosh; Alia Coley & Oslien Jadorte; Najee Dunn; Adrianna Munnings; Stermon; Sarah J; Christian Massive; Shaback; Bishop Lawrence Rolle; Davian Chase; Cara T Newton; and Pastor Simeon Outten. 

“What I love most is the collaboration of the old school with the new and bringing all of the gospel artists together in one room to elaborate the most important person – our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,” Edgecome said. 

“The music that has been released over the years will live on and on for future generations. We have a lot to give God thanks for.”

Guests are invited to wear the national flag colours, and be seated by 5:45pm. To get free e-tickets, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-sound-of-jubilee-tickets-663225805237. For more information, call the National Independence Secretariat at 604-2010 or email independencebahamas@gmail.com.

Source: Felicity Darville


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