GRAND BAHAMA, The Bahamas — Ann Marie Davis, wife of Prime Minister Philip Davis, was given a tour of the Grand Bahama Resilience Center while in the nation’s second city on November 19, 2022.

Mrs. Davis was accompanied by Minister of National Security, the Hon. Wayne Munroe, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for Grand Bahama Melvin Seymour and Bahamas Ambassador to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, His Excellency Winston Pinnock, whose recommendation it was that she visit the centre.

The delegation was apprised of the various programs and services offered at the center and given an expansive tour of the facility by Center Director Felisha McBride and Community Engagement Officer Jennifer Barnable.

Mrs. Davis expressed that what she likes most about the center is its wholesomeness and the fact that it helps in developing those who utilize its services internally, externally, and mentally and teaches them practical life skills.

“It teaches you cooking, self-defense, which is very much needed, to make you feel that you have some strength and personality and that you could walk and feel safe,” she said.

The Resilience Center caters to individuals ranging from the age of two to 102.

In fact, Mrs. Davis, who was also impressed to learn that, in addition to those practical skills, the center provides counseling sessions, said those who learn sewing and needlework can utilize those skills to become future entrepreneurs and noted that such a center is needed on all of the islands in The Bahamas.

“I’m happy to see that this place exists and it should be copied in other islands as well, especially where they suffer trauma,” she said, while adding that she will assist in finding donors to fund places like the center.

“I will help as much as can to find donors or someone who can assist with funding needed for places like these. It takes a village is literally what it takes to raise a child. A village means any and everybody,” she said.

Minister Munroe, who is acting on behalf of Minister for Grand Bahama, the Hon. Ginger Moxey who is out of the country, was also fascinated with the operation and pointed out that such a center would tie in well with his ministry.

“In my substantive ministry, the Ministry of National Security, we do put forward community centers as a way to tackle the issue of crime. When you blend in the component of addressing mental health issues, we’ve seen, for instance, an upswing in suicides which means that people have reached the level of desperation that they see no point in going on living and a place like this clearly addresses those issues,” he said.

Minister Munroe further pointed out that the second highest class of murders, next to gang and retaliation, are domestic homicides that relate to people not being able to address anger and interpersonal relationship issues.

“Places like this also addresses that and so the community center concept that was advanced under the Citizens Security and Justice Program, and we have some in the urban areas in New Providence, this is that sort of a model,” the minister said.


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