NASSAU, BAHAMASMIYA Bahamas, a leading provider of comprehensive water management solutions, are working to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders and advocates for water conservation. With a well-established reputation for promoting sustainable water management practices, the company is leading the charge in empowering young people to take action and make a positive impact on our planet’s most precious resource – water. 

“Water is life!” noted MIYA Country Representative Alvaro Ramalho. “MIYA Bahamas has been in Nassau since 2012, working to reduce water losses and improving water distribution in New Providence with very evident positive results in water and energy savings.”

In late April, Ramalho and his team were front and centre to engage with students from both the EP Roberts and Columbus Primary Schools. Through interactive presentations and hands-on activities which taught students about water distribution, water leaks and the impact of human activities on water resources, the MIYA team were able to convey important messages about the significance of water conservation and give students a new perspective on the role they play in protecting this precious resource.



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