Fifty-five miles of roads in New Providence are set for resurfacing beginning January 2024 until June 2025.

Francis Clarke, senior civil engineer provided an update on the Ministry of Works & Family Island Affairs’ short and long-term plans for the New Providence Road Paving programme during a briefing Thursday, October 19, 2023 at the Ministry’s headquarters on John F. Kennedy Drive.

“We have scoped 33 miles of arterial roads and 22 miles of community/urban roads. Some of these roads include:

  • Joe Farrington Road (water main upgrade component)
  • Tonique Williams Darling Highway and
  • Baillou Hill Road (near to Town Centre Mall).

Mr. Clarke shared some of the short term plans to stabilize the road pavement in New Providence.

The following have completed:

  • East Street South between Calvary Deliverance church and Bamboo Boulevard
  • New Hope Road behind Porky’s Service Station
  • A section of the intersection of Sisal Road and Lobster Avenue

Ongoing works:

  • Zion Boulevard to be completed this weekend
  • Woodland Way (community road) should be completed by October 20, 2023.

Planned works:

  • Yamacraw Drive
  • Lincoln Boulevard
  • A section of East Street north (between Cordeaux Avenue and Palm Tree Avenue)
  • Cowpen Road (1,000 feet west of Faith Avenue)
  • Baillou Hill Road
  • Carmichael Road (from Sayde Curtis Primary School to Mermaid Boulevard)
  • Kennedy Subdivision
  • Sea Link Drive

Mr. Clarke also announced that the Ministry has conducted traffic signal upgrades at 69 locations.

“We intend to pave 20 of the inter sections which will include pavement markings to give motorists a better level of service. In an effort to achieve this the MOW would like to utilize the services of private contractors.


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