Minister of Labour and the Public Service, the Hon. Pia Glover-Rolle visited Grand Bahama this week where she spoke about efforts to revamp the government’s Fifty Two Weeks Program.

She said, “the Ministry of Public Service and Labour is currently and has been for almost a year now in review of the entire program where we anticipate, by the end of this calendar year, every employee that has been on the Fifty Two Week PS Prep Program, historically, no matter how far back you’ve been engaged will become confirmed in the program, making you permanent employees. We owe that to the Fifty Two Week workers. But the forward thinking approach is that we’ve placed a hold on bringing in new members of the cohort at this time. We want to right size the program and right size also speaks to budget. We want to ensure that our Fifty Two Week workers are permanently placed in their various ministries and then we will resume the program only ensuring that we’re hiring to fill the gaps the exist in the public service.”

The Minister said many participants in the Fifty Two Week Program have received letters of confirmation. “I speak to the assurance that within this calendar year we would have done the work and it has been a lot of work. We has workers on the Fifty Two Week Program who’ve been on the program for years and we can’t say that we have a physical file for them. So we’re working from the bottom up. We’re creating files, we’re creating profiles for these workers so that they actually exist in our records beyond just being temporary workers.”

Glover- Rolle says there is hope and the confirmation process will be completed this year so that participants in the program can feel a sense of belonging in the public service.


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