Pintard headed to Andros without the knowledge of key association members, dividing the FNM even further!

Pintard is on a move to dismantle associations across the country and reset the power hold still gripped by former PM Hubert Minnis. 

Former PM Minnis still enjoys a whopping 80% support in branch associations across the country!

Last week Pintard blocked the former PM from speaking at the Garden Hills Association which invited the former leader to speak.

Pintard and Duane Sands called branches, telling them that Hubert Minnis is not allowed to speak anywhere in the Party: shutting down democracy and free speech in the FNM. Associations in the past invited former PM Hubert Ingraham to give an address, but the same is not being afforded to Minnis. WHAT IS DIS?

Pintard is losing it as Hubert Minnis’ massive rally machine remains intact deep inside the Free National Movement.

Anyway, Pintard will discover it is near impossible to block a former PM. Minnis could plan to organize a rally in Killarney and warn FNMs of the lack of Democracy facing his party.

A Minnis informant told BP, “Pintard and Sands are bad for the FNM but are great news for the PLP…”


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