West GB & Bimini | Kingsley Smith has been declared the winner of the bye-election in West End and Bimini tonight.

Smith won every polling division in the constituency except in polling division #12 where he lost by 2 votes.

Smith clinched 57.8% of the votes polling, some 2,081 voters over his main rival Ricardo Grant who clinched 33.8% of the votes polling some 1,128 voters.

Lincoln Bain collected just 7.8% of the votes polling 281 votes. Independents Daquan Swain received 0.6% or 20 votes and Terneille Burrows received 0.1% or 3 votes.

Some 3,600 voters turned out for the election.

This is a BIG VOTE OF CONFIDENCE in the leadership of Prime Minister Philip Davis and his Government which has delivered a larger voter turnout than in the 2021 General Elections. Smith won by a 953 winning majority compared to a 550 winning majority garnered by the late former MP Obie Wilchcombe in the 2021 General Election.

Former FNM MP Pakeisha Parker collected some 1,484 votes in 2021 which proves the support for the FNM under Pintard has declined. This is serious!

Meanwhile, Kingsley Smith can open a bank account to collect his new JUICY Parliamentary salary. CONGRATULATIONS!


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