It was really good to see the young children back on Bay Street in a beautiful display of culture through Junior Junkanoo.

Even BP forgets when last the talent of the youth of the nation was on display in Rawson Square after Mad-Man Minnis and his degenerate FNM took over the country in 2017.

The only people who could come outside were the people who were handsomely paid with the UNACCOUNTED FOR MILLIONS in pandemic spending money given by the World Bank. But we digress! 

It is good to see the children who couldn’t read for two years finally getting back into classrooms with some normal activities in a feeder programme for the greatest cultural expression on earth. This is good. 

And this return to Bay Street did not come without a fight. Some who still lurk in the shadows who believe children should not be in classrooms or on Bay Street still want to hijack your national business by all means necessary. We will not allow that to happen though. WE KNOW BETTER! And we know those usual suspects far better today than we did yesterday. 

The country is now open, the business of the nation is thriving and t let’s all remind those usual suspects: WE IN THE BAHAMAS ARE NOT LOOKING BACK!


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