Outspoken radio talk show host Juan McCartney has made the leap from the newsroom to the boardroom after snapping up a senior position at the Utilities and Regulation Competition Authority (URCA).

The seasoned journalist will replace former ZNS reporter Arnette Ingraham who is leaving URCA to return to her old job as Bahamas Power and Light’s Corporate Communications Manager.

McCartney, who was considered one of the country’s last few competent journalists, announced on live radio today that he will hang up his microphone tomorrow.

“There are a multitude of things that went into my decision but ultimately that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things because the show will end,” said McCartney.

He added: “There is no acrimony, there is no bad blood, there is no beef. I’m just ending the show which is a shame, I know, because a lot of you really like it and a lot of you listen in and looked to me for perspective and context and for information that may not be readily available.”

In addition to hosting the popular “Revolution” talk show, McCartney also held editorial responsibilities at the Nassau Guardian and oversaw its radio news product.

He will also leave behind those duties to turn his attention to corporate and consumer relations, a role that URCA insiders have said they believe he will excel in given his keen attention to detail.

It is unclear who will replace McCartney in the prime time radio slot. However, it is rumored the spot could be filled by one of the radio personalities who filled in for McCartney when he took time off.


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