Last evening Bishop Neil C. Ellis preached his last service as the Senior Pastor of Mt. Tabor Church.
Bishop Ellis did so by delivering a special message inducting the new Senior Pastor of Mt. Tabor Church Rickeno R. Moncur.

In his final remarks as senior pastor of Mt. Tabor Bishop Ellis with his wife Lady Patrice Ellis and son Jonathan thankes the wonderful family members of Mt. Tabor and well wishers for the love, kindness and sincerety that allowed him to provide stella spiritual leadership that has saved and kept many families and marriages together, fed and put roofs over many heads married, baptized, cristened many who today are making great strides as leading and lawabiding citizens in all spheres of the Bahamian society.

The out going Bishop told the members of Mt. Tabor Church that he is leaving the church and ministry of Mt. Tabor in good hands in that of Pastor Rikeno Moncur who had many first as a preaching, teaching man of God saying it will all be soon manifested with his spiritual leasership as he sojourns with Gods help at Mt. Tabor Church.
At the induction ceremony a number of pastors gathered around the new senior pastor Moncur to pray for him and the way forward.
Those leading in the prayer were Apostle Raymond Wells, Bishop Denzel Rolle and Bisbop Helen Mcphee.
After taking the oath to his new office Bishop Ellis then gave the new pastor Rickeno Moncur his credentials.
Bishop ellis then out his hands upon the new senior pastor Moncur and then put his mantel upon him that carries all the power and authority that Bishop had as senior pastor.
Displaying the mantel of power as he address the members, friends and guests Senior Pastor Rickeno Moncur expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to Bishop Ellis and the wonderful flock of Mt. Tabor Church that is now his to shephard.
The senior pastor Moncur ask God for the prayer of Solomon to be his guide to honestly and faithfully lead the people of Mt. Tabor.


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