Police are once again warning parents about candy containing marijuana disguised in packaging similar to that of popular candy and snack brands.

Superintendent Shakell Riley recently spoke with ZNS News on the sidelines of a event at Queen’s College about the illegal products. “We say to the parents try to know what is in your house because sometimes parents are not aware,” she said.

Riley demonstrated how parents can spot the differences between Jolly Rancher gummies and the drug laced replica. “So with the naked eye, okay its just gummies but really if you take a closer look you’d either see the marijuana plant that is on it or the THC that is the potency in the marijuana.”

The Superintendent continued saying that the products are easily to acquire. “Marijuana is a plant however, its taken on a different look to entice children, okay. And so that’s why we find that its important for us to educate them because children like candies. So better way for drug traffickers and dealers to try to make it enticing. So we want to educate the public, the parents, the teachers, everybody needs to know what’s happening.”

The police plan to visit schools to educate stakeholders on the dangers of the product and how to detect the illegal candies.


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