NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper said yesterday that the owners/developers of the British Colonial Hilton have advised that they are making “steady progress” towards the iconic property’s reopening.

“We can see that work is underway from the windows of the Ministry of Tourism and also we know that it is happening. We expect that certain portions of the property will reopen this summer with a full opening in November this year,” Cooper indicated.

“It is important to get all of the inventory we have back in circulation. We have a room shortage and therefore every room we have to provide for tourists to rent is  positive for tourism and continuing to grow our stopover visitors.”

The British Colonial Hilton closed its doors indefinitely on February 15, 2022, leaving more than 100 employees out of work. At the time of its closure the hotel’s owners had indicated to the government that the agreement to carry the Hilton brand at the property has come to an end.

The hotel is owned by China Construction America which acquired the property back in October 2014.



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