Minister of Health & Wellness the Honourable Dr. Michael R. Darville led a team of eleven (11) healthcare workers to Matthew Town, Inagua on Tuesday January 24th, 2023 to conduct health assessments and surveillance checks on a group of almost 400 undocumented migrants from Haiti and Cuba.

The Health & Wellness Minister was accompanied by a team comprised of disease surveillance doctors and nurses, a physician manager and public health manager, and two engineers. The ‘on-the-ground’ assessment was in keeping with established international best practices related to the safeguarding and preserving of the health of migrants and the possible spread of infectious disease.

A field hospital has been erected to accommodate the undocumented migrants. The field hospital was donated by the U.S. government and will be equipped to provide level one health assessments.

A team of eight nurses and physicians will remain on the ground in Inagua to complete health checks and support the staff at the Matthew Town Clinic until Friday, 27th January, 2023. Additional support will follow from the Department of Public Health.


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