Great Commission Ministries is constructing a new facility for the homeless. But, they need all hands on deck to get started.

Great Commission Ministries is known for feeding thousands of residents, as well as providing a place of rest for those who do not have a place to call home. Now, they’re constructing a new facility. But, they need all hands on deck to get it started.

It is expected to be a modern, state of the art facility, to accommodate 100 homeless people – that’s the idea behind Hope City, a homeless shelter that will be operated by Great Commission Ministries.

President Bishop Walter Hanchell says the goal is to construct the facility by the end of 2023.

Chairman of the Building Committee, Lynden Nairn says the shelter is not a long term housing facility, but it is intended to house the homeless on a temporary basis.

Land on Carmichael Road has been identified as the site for the new shelter, and the cost of the project is an estimated $3 million which includes the first year of operations.



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