Government is working on a counter proposal to present to businesses impacted by the Village Road Improvement Project according to Economic Affairs Minister Michael Halkitis.

Halkitis made the comments during a press briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister last week.

“As you know Village Road business have approached government to bring some relief to  in some way compensate for some of the disruption and some of the damages to property as a result of the Village Road Road Improvement Project. We have had several meetings with them. They have submitted a list of businesses and a proposal for relief they would like to see. We are studying that and expect to come back  to them with a counter proposal very shorty so that we can move towards a conclusion,” said Halkitis.

He noted that the Ministry of Finance is working along with the Ministry of Works in that regard as there is in some instances property such as driveways and walkways that need to be repaired. 



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