NASSAU, BAHAMAS- The government intends to prioritise legislation and policies which address the high cost of living and strengthen this nation’s economic and national security when the new session of Parliament begins on October 4th according to a statement from the Office of the Prime Minister.

On Saturday Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander in his role as Provost Marshall read a proclamation from the Governor General proroguing Parliament. The prorogation of Parliament brings an end to the current session, meaning that the agenda of the House has been wiped clean.

The Office of the Prime Minister in a statement noted, “Nearly two years ago, at the start of our New Day administration, our country was in serious crisis. We moved quickly – we lifted the curfew, ended the travel visa, ended the Emergency Orders, implemented free COVID testing, expunged records for minor breaches of the Emergency Orders, safely reopened both the economy and our schools, stabilized the nation’s finances, and raised the minimum wage.We started an affordable housing programme, and a Catastrophic Health Care Fund, launched our nation’s Youth Guard, invested in our athletes and sports, signed 20 labour agreements, and undertook promotions, regularisations throughout our public service, and grew our tourism industry with record-breaking tourist arrivals.”



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