Questions were raised in a local morning daily about the Prime Minister’s travel expenses during the West Grand Bahama and Bimini by-election campaign in November 2023. Communications Director in the Office of the Prime Minister, Latrae Rahming defended the spending.

Rahming told ZNS News, “at no time did the Office of the Prime Minister indicate to any individual that we used tax payers dollars to pay for the PLP’s campaign. There were a clear division of where tax payer money ended and where the Party paid for political activities.”

He added, “there were a number of items covered widely by all media houses. There was the signing of roads in Bimini, the airport, cabinet meeting that was held, the expansion of Ocean Cay, the opening of the government complex. So there was a number of official government business that happened during the government’s travel.”

Rahming further explained that there are boundaries in place to prevent the abuse of public funds. “The Prime Minister is advised when it is appropriate for him to travel. He is advised what level of representation is required in that travel. Whether ministerial level is fine, whether the Prime Minister is absolutely required to travel and who should accompany the Prime Minister during that travel,” he said.


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