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Goombay Summer Festival 2023: Celebrate Summer Across The Bahamas


The Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation is excited to announce the highly anticipated kickoff of Goombay Summer Festival 2023 across The Islands of The Bahamas. The added bonus this year is that the festival is returning to Nassau for the first time in over a decade, giving visitors and residents alike an opportunity to be a part of the festivities in the nation’s capital.

This summer cultural explosion is an immersion in all things Bahamian, featuring showstopping live performances by A-list local music artists, mesmerising traditional Goombay dancers, authentic artisanal craft of the islands, exciting cultural games for the young and young at heart, delicious local cuisine, refreshing drinks, and much, much more.

Nassau, Abaco and Grand Bahama will host multiple weekly celebrations of the event while the following islands: Berry Islands, San Salvador, South Andros & Mangrove Cay, Cat Island, Bimini, Exuma, North & Central Andros, Eleuthera, Exuma, and Long Island will host the festival on one single day. Grand Bahama Island got a head start on Thursday, 6 July, with the kickoff of festivities that will take place every Thursday for the next three weeks. Abaco festivities start on Friday 14 July and will run for the next two Fridays, while Goombay Summer Festival gets underway in the capital on 28 July and will continue for the two following Fridays.

Goombay Summer Festival kicks off in Abaco on 14 July at the beautiful BAIC Park in Marsh Harbour. Festivalgoers will be treated to electrifying music performances by renowned artists such as Sweet Emily, D-Mac, Solo, The Obeah Man, Gary McDonald, Shine, Lady E, Blaudy, Nishie L.S. and Geno D. The event will also feature an exhilarating Junkanoo rush-out. Game and activity enthusiasts can participate in ring play, Abaco trivia, a limbo competition, and the Kiddies Corner. Moreover, foodies can indulge in a delectable array of authentic Abaconian food and drinks. What to Expect in the Other Islands:

Exuma (29 July & 19 Aug.) – Prepare to be entertained by MC Puzzle, DJ Code Red, Mitzie’s Goombay group (Chippie Junkanoo & Thinz), Lady E, D-Mac, Dimitri, and Bahamian Bands, Tropical Breeze Band and Sweet Love. Activities will include a 360-degree booth, the Kiddies
Corner and cultural games such as crab catching, watermelon contests, onion peeling challenges, and much more. Festivalgoers can also savour Bubble Waffles, shop for authentic Bahamian merchandise and enjoy a host of other attractions.

Eleuthera – Governor’s Harbour (12 Aug.) & Rock Sound (26 Aug.) – The entertainment lineup will include (Fanshawn Evans, Puzzle and Veronica Bishop), New Vision (Governor’s Harbour Entertainment), (Veronica Bishop, Lady E, & Julien Believe), and High Rock Band (Rock Sound Entertainment). Festival activities will feature crab catching, sack races, lime & spoon races, games, toys, a bouncing castle, and a diverse culinary experience, including chicken, fish, pork chops/spare ribs dinners, pizza, snacks, desserts, conch fritters, conch-curb-whelk salad, coconut water, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, farm produce, cotton candy, and pastries. Additionally, participants can look forward to a unique Bahamian Independence Fashion Show by Empress Verda Gardiner, showcasing Bahamian colours.  North and Central Andros (12 Aug.)- Gear up for an exhilarating experience with entertainers such as Elon Moxey, Lady E, Geno D, Spice band, Zerlean, Martellus, and Googie Chipman, accompanied by a thrilling Junkanoo rush-out. Festival activities will include the Kiddie Corner, Eco Corner, craft vendors, a culinary competition and engaging cultural games. Authentic Bahamian native dishes and local crafts will be available for purchase, and visitors can explore the Androsia History booth.

South Andros (15 July) & Mangrove Cay (22 July)– Get ready for mesmerizing performances by Rhythm In Motion, Spice Band, Mello-D and Veronica Bishop. Fun activities will include a bouncing castle, dominos, backgammon, hoop-la games, sack racing, musical chairs, cane peeling, coconut barking, crab catching and conch cracking contests. Festivalgoers can savour native Bahamian food, shop for authentic Andros straw craftwork, and visit the 16 booths offering various attractions. The Ministry of Tourism tent will also feature sampling of a variety of bush teas and down home earthen oven baked bread.

Bimini (29 July) – The entertainment lineup will feature Elon Moxey and Stevie S, with steel pan performances during the day and a spectacular Junkanoo performance to conclude the event. Festival activities and booths will include bush tea tasting, trivia, musical chairs, a skipping rope contest, and a wide array of food, pastries, candies, drinks, toys, Bahamian crafts and Goombay shirts. Prizes and giveaways will include shirts, Goombay sodas, Ministry of Tourism gift bags, and more!

Berry Islands (29 July)– Festivalgoers will be entertained by Blaudy and can enjoy a wide range of activities, including a children’s corner featuring hopscotch, jacks, skip rope, a bouncing castle, and Fun competitions such as egg and spoon races, sack races, tug-o-war, bingo, watermelon eating contests, and crab catching contests. Various Bahamian food, drinks, desserts, toys, and arts and crafts will be available for purchase.
Long Island (19 Aug.)– Prepare to be amazed by fire dancers and Goombay dancers for the first time, as well as HighTide Live Band and a captivating Junkanoo rush-out. Fanshawn will deliver live entertainment, and hosting and DJ services will be provided by Everything Epic (Epic Forealz). Activities will include an obstacle course for both adults and kids, featuring egg and spoon races, hoopla-hoop challenges, corn shucking contests, conch races, and guessing games. Festivalgoers can savour local dishes such as fish, mutton, conch, conch salad, and grilled corn. The farmers market will offer local produce and straw work.
 San Salvador (21 July)- Get ready for an unforgettable experience with the Goombay Troupe, fire and limbo dancers, Puzzle, The Visage Band, and Woodpeckerrs Junkanoo Group. Activities will include a pineapple eating contest, conch races, Bahamian speaking games, and Junkanoo- themed games. Arts and craft vendors will offer a wide range of Bahamian-made products, including shell jewelry, jams, peppers, sauces, handbags, baskets, place mats, and more.

Festivalgoers can also indulge in a variety of culinary delights, including fried fish, conch salad, grilled steak, lobster, jerk chicken, carrot cake, pound cake, chocolate cake, duffs, pastries, potato bread, peas soup, crab soup, chicken souse, and sheep tongue souse.

Cat Island (22 July) – Prepare for a thrilling Junkanoo rush-out by Cat Island’s own Southern Rockers, Lassie Doh and The Boys; Fanshawn, Chromatic Sounds Band, Swann Talent Goombay Dancers, and DJ Music by Cat Island’s own Buck Town DJs. Kids can enjoy popcorn, bouncing castle, light-up toys, snow cones, and for the adults, there’s Bahamian poetry and folklore, native food and much more. Festivalgoers can also purchase native straw crafts, bags, hats, handmade jewelry, bush teas, handmade soaps, and handcrafted conch shell, coconut, and wood craft. Come and enjoy an exciting, authentic Bahamian-style experience with family and friends all summer



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