The Stoned Crab – Curried Lobster

Over 10 Grand Bahama restaurants will once again bring a bit of flavor and culinary flair to diners this August, for the second annual Grand Bahama Island Restaurant Fest.The Brass Helmet, Pisces Seafood Haven & Pizzeria, Sabor’s Restaurant, Off the Deep Edge, Flying Fish GastroBar, Green Gamut, The Stoned Crab, Oceans Blue, Zorba’s Restaurant, Upstairs on the Bay, Portobello’s Restaurant, and the Margarita Villa Sand Bar will all take part in the month-long series. The event, which will run from August 1-31 will celebrate the start of Bahamian Lobster season, and menus will feature a number of dishes including freshly caught lobster as well as lots of fresh seafood, Bahamian classics and internationally inspired options.Each of the participating restaurants will offer a prix fixe menu inclusive of an appetizer, entree, and dessert, all for one set price. Menu offerings will include dishes like fresh catch Curried Rock Lobster Tail with Cilantro Coconut Cream & Ginger, Minced Lobster, Cracked Lobster, and Lobster Fritters, among a selection of other flavorful options.Grand Bahama has over 120 restaurants, beachfront eateries, and unique food stalls.

The GBI Restaurant Fest is intended to give food lovers a taste of the island’s culinary scene by highlighting the diverse range of options to be enjoyed.“There is so much to see, do, experience and eat on Grand Bahama Island,” noted Meshell Britton, Grand Bahama Island Restaurant Fest Committee Member. “You can enjoy a different restaurant – a different culinary experience – every single day of the week, and we are excited to showcase the exceptional talents of Grand Bahama chefs during the event.”Nikia Wells, Grand Bahama Island Restaurant Fest Public Relations and Graphic Design Lead added, “Grand Bahama has always had an extremely rich and diverse food scene. You can find everything from Japanese to Mediterranean to Italian cuisine on the island. And, we wanted to help develop an outlet for the chefs and restaurants to really flex their creativity in the kitchen while also supporting local fishermen during lobster season.”The GBI Restaurant Fest, which is being hosted by the Grand Bahama Island Promotion Board, will begin on August 1, but there will be many more exciting cultural and culinary events happening throughout Grand Bahama, all summer long.“One of the unique elements about Grand Bahama is that you can enjoy a down-home family island experience on one night and a gourmet journey the next,” noted Carmel Churchill, Grand Bahama Island Restaurant Fest Recruitment Lead.

“This year, the Fish Fry celebrated its 40th anniversary, and is a must visit each Wednesday for flavor packed fish that is cooked over a wood burning open flame. The weekends are also a perfect time to get moist, fluffy panny cakes and pickled conch salad, which are two of the island’s specialties.”Grand Bahama Island Restaurant Fest Committee Member Josene Brockbank added, “Food is such an important component of our culture. We celebrate with food. We welcome visitors into our homes with food. We show love and appreciation with food. And, we are excited to allow residents and visitors a chance to come together, relax and truly enjoy the spirit of the island through the exceptional dishes that the chefs are bringing to the table during the event.”Additional restaurants are still being added to the Grand Bahama Island Restaurant Fest lineup. The complete 2023 GBI Restaurant Fest participating restaurants listing and menus will be announced on the Visit Grand Bahama Island social media pages during the week of July 24.

Source: Nakia Wells


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