They’re proving that they have no issue with ‘putting their money where their mouth is’. A one hundred- and fifty-thousand-dollar donation to a local church’s community project ha signaled that Gaming operators are continuing to support necessary programs. The positive move comes at a time when the business community has pulled back significantly from sponsorships due to inflation and other challenges. But The Fox Foundation’s One-hundred-thousand-dollar contribution and Asure Win’s fifty-thousand-dollar donation is stepping up to the plate and continuing the work they’ve become known for over the years.

This past Sunday both organizations made the cash donations to Living Waters Kingdom Ministries to assist with the construction of the church’s youth center. Senior Pastor Apostle Raymond Wells says the donation is an answer to prayer. “This is for the community. The Youth Center will be used for the next generation with an indoor basketball court, classrooms, computers, a mentorship program, after school program, fitness center and deli.”
Apostle Wells says it was always the purpose of his church to be community minded. “When we began Living Waters, we always knew that we were creating a ministry that catered to the ‘whole man’. We are more than just a church that focuses on fulfilling the spiritual needs of people, we are about ensuring there is balance and wholistic growth to every area of an individual’s life. Our church is in the heart of a community, and we want to impact families, and in particularly young people in a more meaningful way.”

According to Apostle Wells, this is not the first time Adrian Fox from the Fox foundation and Leander Brice, from Asure Win have come forward to help. All our major initiatives whether directly or indirectly, they find a way to participate in giving their resources or time. These men have big hearts and never flinch on helping when they can throughout the community, we are just happy Living Waters can benefit with this initiative we are driving.

Adrian Fox says whenever it comes to impacting young people in a positive light and when he can assist, it’s never a second guess on whether he should do it. “The worst thing the business community can do, even in difficult and trying times, is to withhold our hands. Let’s face it, our communities and the programs and associations who run the positive life changing initiatives cannot continue the work if we don’t help to fund their work. What may appear difficult will in the long run benefit us all as a nation.” Fox says this donation is just the latest in the work his foundation has continued to do even when so many others had pulled back. “We never stopped, even when it looked like we weren’t doing anything, we were still helping people and supporting when we could. We recognized that so many organizations depended on us to help, especially during difficult times wo we couldn’t step back. While we may not have been publicizing like we did before, we continue to help.”

Leander Brice from Asure Win, shares the same view. “When we agreed in the beginning that we would contribute to our communities we took that oath serious. We aren’t in business to only make a profit, but we always thrive to be a strong pillar of our society and to take the lead on initiatives that reward, open doors and enhance the development of our young people. I guess what I’m saying is when we thrive our community thrives and the people who make up the community can get much needed help to realize their dreams and goals. That’s a good corporate citizen.”

Fox says they will no doubt continue to build on the established legacy that he and his partners and associates have become synonymous for. “We realize our community depends on us and we take our role seriously. We will be around to continue to build The Bahamas and contribute in a big way to the development of its future. A big part of that future is supporting our young people and their dreams.”


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