NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Fourteen new services have been added to MyGateway, further expanding a growing roster of government solutions on the digital platform.

Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe recently introduced the new suite of services which include online applications for Security Guards and Inquiry Agents and Firms licensing, as well as permits to use national symbols. 

Munroe noted that every single process of his ministry at this time is done on paper, and further explained that he has to physically sign each license book advanced to his desk once due process had been followed. Beyond the large amount of paperwork, staff are also challenged with resources. 

“Addressing the volume of paper permits a more efficient use of space, and so space is a resource that is saved by this innovation,” said Munroe.

“Time is a precious resource that is finite and once spent you can never recover it. So this innovation will assist us with a more economic use of time and we trust it will get your license printed and in your hand in a much more timely manner.” 

Munroe believes that a byproduct of the digitization of these services makes the collection of government funds more seamless.



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