Bimini- Police have arrested FNM general Javano Davis, an airport security agent on south Bimini. He has been detained after he took to social media inviting voters on Bimini to bring their voter’s cards to him just hours before the General Election. Any attempt to bribe a voter is a criminal office.

Javano was bold in his pronouncements which went viral on social media. And his announcement came just minutes after the FNM team, Duane Sands, Joshua Sears, Nigel Lewis, Olvin Reece, Desmond Edwards, Elsworth Johnson, Romi Ferreira, and Heather Hunt ( DRA $$), all landed on the island to oversee the November 22nd bye-election. Who brought the cash? Who is holding the  case full of US currency? Who gave Javano the money to buy voters’ cards on the island?

What is more serious is the fact that Javano Davis is a Security Supervisor at the airport security detail. Could this mean that, through his position, he is used to accepting bribes to allow dangerous contraband like guns into the Bahamas? WHAT IS THIS?!

Police must get to the bottom of this and stop the DARKNESS by operatives of the FNM who will stop at nothing in their wicked plot to steal an election.

Earlier this week FNM Leader Michael Pintard spoke in the newspapers of the possibility of buying votes in the bye-election. Hours later his own general took to social media to entice voters to bring their cards to do just the same. WHAT IS THIS?!

Who gave Javano Davis $50,000 to buy votes for the FNM?


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