Free National Movement Chairman Dr. Duane Sands sat in court as witnesses testified today in the corruption trial of Adrian Gibson. The courtroom witnessed the FNM Member of Parliament interrupting his attorney, Damian Gonez, mid-questioning with a flurry of notes.

Amidst the legal theatrics, a Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) engineer took the stand, recounting a startling tale of discovering a painted building and a sudden demand for a 50% payment upon returning from vacation.

The engineer highlighted a crucial missing piece in the puzzle: the absence of a job jacket, hindering the payment process. After its belated creation, she argued that it should have been prepared prior to commencing work.

Defense attorney Ian Cargill suggested the engineer succumbed to police pressure, insinuating potential charges if she didn’t comply. However, she countered, revealing that she was later designated a witness, not a suspect, after extensive questioning.

The trial delved into the contracting saga, revealing that Top Notch was initially chosen for the project, only to face termination by then-General Manager Elwood Donaldson. Baha Maintenance emerged as the replacement, subcontracting Top Notch. The engineer, on the witness stand, testified she demanded work cessation due to inadequate materials, but a site meeting countermanded her directive.

Crucially, when asked who wielded the authority for the controversial decision to continue, she pointed solely to Donaldson and Gibson.

Cargill aimed to shift the blame away from Donaldson, seeking to place the final decision on Gibson or the WSC board.

Gibson faces a daunting 56 counts, accused of failing to declare his interest in WSC contracts. Prosecutors allege a financial advantage exceeding $1 million from deals with Elite Maintenance and Baha Maintenance and Restoration, further claiming money laundering through property and vehicle acquisitions.

The trial unfolds with each revelation painting a complex portrait of alleged corruption at the highest levels.


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