Simon Wilson

The Ministry of Finance held a Training and Professional Development Workshop on the Oracle ERP Fusion System at National Training Agency (NTA), July 25-26, 2023.  

ERP (enterprise resource planning) software integrates all functions to enable an organization to manage resources more efficiently.

The Ministry issued this statement on the programme, which was addressed in opening sessions, both days, by Financial Secretary Simon Wilson. 

The statement: 

The Government of the Bahamas, via the Ministry of Finance, has announced its plans to implement the Oracle ERP Fusion System. This comprehensive ERP system will integrate all government functions and operations into one cohesive system, enabling seamless transfer and exchange of data and information between different components of the Public Service. 

The Ministry of Finance has launched a groundbreaking training programme, themed Public Service Reimagined” which reflects the government’s commitment to rethinking and redesigning its public service delivery mechanisms. It emphasizes the exploration of innovative solutions (Oracle ERP System), the elimination of outdated practices, and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to meet the evolving needs of citizens and businesses. 

The programme leads with the mantra that digital transformation is not all about technology. It is about people! In light of this, the programme aims to retrain, retool, and equip ALL officers throughout the service with the necessary tools to thrive in a digital public service. The programme will reach over 25,000 public officers with training tailored specifically to the Government of the Bahamas.  

Financial Secretary Simon Wilson is pictured at the podium, speaking to the staff of the training programme.

(BIS Photos/Anthon Thompson)


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