Bahamas National is now tracking the development of a new RCI product in the Bahamas on Paradise Island.

Now we are following this closely because we already seeing already the USUAL “FNM Suspects” coming out of nowhere opposing this project before the ink could dry.

Can someone, anyone tell us who dragged Joe Darville out of nowhere in Grand Bahama to land on the rocky beach on the western side of Paradise Island to make comments on it? WHO PAYING HIM?

Who is paying Eric Carey to join the picture? Remember, now, this the same man who allowed that wealthy Exuma resident to dredge in protected spaces without him saying one word when he managed the Bahamas National Trust?

Is the Free National Movement once again engaging these Environmentalists-for-hire to block and STOP the progress and development of Bahamians? 

Remember, now, when yinner were sent home, placed under house arrest and left for dead under the WUTLESS LYING Minnis Regime, not one a these people were heard. What is this now the FNM is engaged in against the DAVIS GOVERNMENT?!

We ga leave it there for now and watch this one closely!


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