Dr. Duane Sands, who chaired a recent bust-up Council Meeting of FNMs, threw his ton a bricks on the former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, who was told by leader Michael Pintard, “I don’t trust you.”

Sands, who could not wait to throw his two cents in the row, quickly added that Minnis’ days inside the FNM are numbered.

Bahamas National understands Dr. Duane Sands and forces within the Council are prepared to block any nomination considered by the former PM Minnis. They intend to decline his request to stand for the FNM at the next General Elections and place a new candidate on the ground.

Minnis’ rejection at the last meeting was brutal as he questioned why he was not being allowed to speak at a Garden Hills branch meeting.

In response, following the comments of Pintard, Chairman Sands told Minnis, “When you were in charge, you did what you wanted to do…and now we are in charge, we will do what must be done!”

Minnis is facing complete rejection from inside the Council, which is having a tough time fighting off hard-core Minnis supporters at the branch association level.

Sands fightback on Minnis comes following a power struggle when Sands left scores of Dorian victims locked in freezer in Abaco. The former Health Minister Sands was sacked by Minnis during the pandemic for breaking the law.

Minnis, however, has a trick up his sleeve for Sands and Pintard as a majority of MPs in the Parliament are ready to sign a letter to GG C. A. Smith to have Pintard removed as Opposition Leader.

All we say is this…It ain’t long nah!


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