Political violence is set to strike deep inside the top brass of the Free National Movement and an update on that war that is intensifying by the minute.

Today former personal assistant to the opposition leader Kevin Harris showed the nation how spiteful, undemocratic, and downright nasty the FNM leadership is fast becoming.

Only months after his successful 2021 campaign for the Leadership of the Free National Movement, Michael Pintard pulled out his political sword and kicked Harris from his top post, leaving everyone shocked. Harris is a die-hard FNM and is now out and back into private life.

But Pintard is not alone in this newfound bombastic style; his political ally Duane Sands is no different.

Sands, just a few weeks ago, went himself to the S. C. McPherson Junior High School to ask the school principal to deny former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis the opportunity to speak at a Garden Hills constituency meeting at the school. The educator quickly advised Sands that she takes her instructions from the Department of Education and does not meddle or engage in the theatrics of politics.

Someone must tell Pintard and Sands that to lead a democratic party like the FNM hinges on the tenets of democracy; not petty spiteful vindictive politics. VICTIMIZATION has no place in the FNM but the latest incidents to silence the former leaders and officers inside the party prove that the FNM today is in the wrong hands! WHAT IS THIS?

Meanwhile another FNM Richard Johnson is suing the party leadership for $500,000 for locking him out of Party meetings.


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