My fellow Exumians,

As you would be aware, we have experienced a significant amount of rain over the past few days that has caused severe flooding all across the mainland.

I’ve spoken with the Minister of Works, the Minister for Local Government, the Island Administrator, the Chief Councillor, RBDF, WSC, NEMA and the roads contractor to ensure support and collaboration. I thank them all for their co-operation.

The HMBS Lawrwnce Major has been dispatched to Exuma to bring as many pumps as can be found to pump out as much water as possible away from the pooled areas. We are also engaging heavy equipment to create runoffs.

In the meantime, please use caution when navigating the roads.

It is is extremely difficult to gauge the depth of the water and where the edges of the road are.

Please be careful. Stay put as much as possible and only travel when necessary.

A professional team of engineers will visit at first light tomorrow to assess the situation and to develop plans to mitigate for the future. I will continue to monitor progress along with local government officials.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

God bless and take care.


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