The Minister of Tourism, Investments and Aviation, the Hon. Chester Cooper recently led a delegation to the Seatrade Cruise Expo in Miami, Florida.

While at the expo Cooper said, “I think Seatrade is a great forum for the coming together of the owners and the captains of industry. We’ve had great meetings with the major cruise lines, the cruise associations. We’ve been able to get updates on Look Out at South Eleuthera, at Calypso Cove in Long Island and of course Carnival in Grand Bahama. So there are exciting cruising updates in the pipeline for The Bahamas. We’re growing, at 43% this is simply phenomenal and really all of our peers marvel at the significant growth that we’re seeing in The Bahamas.”

The Minister added, “we see that there is very, very strong demand. The strength of the inquiries and the bookings continue. Three years after COVID we can no longer attribute any of this to pent up demand. We provide happy experiences for our guests and our guest appreciate the proximity. The charm of The Bahamas and the multiple experiences that they can have in the islands of The Bahamas. So one of the things that we are looking to do with cruising in The Bahamas is really to increase the spending of our guests and we’re going to do this by increasing the amount of experiences, things that they can do and see.”

The next Seatrade Cruise Expo is scheduled for April 2025.


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