Son of the late Donald Saunders, Donald Saunders Jr. competed in the open water competition of the 2024 CARIFTA Aquatics Championships held at Goodman’s Bay on Wednesday.

Saunders Jr. was the first Bahamian to complete the 5k swim. Flanked by family members, the sixteen year old spoke with members of the media. He said he swan for his father, who he knows is proud of him. “I know he would have been out here on a boat cheering me on. He wanted to get a flag to put it on the boat for me. I hope I made him proud. Although a tragic accident happened it still keep me calm. I like to swim and it helps me to clear my head from thinking and wondering thoughts.”

Wife and mother, Tiffany Saunders was on hand to witness her son’s swim. She said it was her son’s decision to compete and he made them proud.

Donald Jr.’s uncle was surprised that he went through with competing in the event after his father’s passing. “I’m surprised but I’m not surprised because that’s the type of person Don is and he is a product of us, me and Don. He is a product of us, which is excellence, which is hard work, which is wanting to serve the Bahamian people. He can’t serve like some people but this is his way to represent this country and I’m so proud of him. I don’t know how he did it. I looked at each lap and I’m like this guy still is in there.”

Representatives of the Green Mile Club from Don Jr.’s school, St. John’s College also supported him on Goodman’s Bay. Rev. Dr. Kari Marcelle said, “we would have like everybody but this is still Easter break at the Anglican schools so some people are away, some people are with families. So we got a pretty good crowd this morning. I am grateful for the boys and parents who came out to support our Chaplain, Donald Saunders, Jr.

Donald Saunders Sr. was shot and killed in an armed robbery at a business establishment in Gambier Village on March 27th.


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