A direct flight from Italy with 105 passengers onboard Neos Airline arrived at Grand Bahama International Airport on Thursday, June 22, 2023 shortly after 5pm.

With only a slight delay, the passengers were all in good spirits after clearing Bahamas Customs and Immigration, moving to the pulsating sounds of Junkanoo that filled the air just outside of the terminal.

Ministry of Tourism staff, led by general manager Nuvolari Chootosingh, were on hand to greet them.

He said with the return of the flight from Italy, “it represents a wonderful experience for Grand Bahama turning around, putting the pieces of the puzzle back together.”

The last time the flight was made to Freeport was in 2019, prior to Hurricane Dorian which was followed by the global pandemic. “To have the return of this flight is absolutely wonderful.”

The weekly flight is expected to run through September 7, and he expects the passenger count to increase as the weeks progress.

From: Bahamas Information Services


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