Defense attorney Ian Cargill took center stage on the latest day of testimony in the Adrian Gibson trial. The focus of the day was Cargill’s cross-examination of Water and Sewerage Corporation employee Mynez Cargill-Sherman.

Cargill meticulously laid out the organizational hierarchy of the corporation, emphasizing the board’s position at the top. He argued that if Cargill-Sherman was not part of the board, she would not have been privy to the instructions given to former general manager Elwood Donaldson.

During reexamination by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), the witness, Cargill-Sherman, reiterated key points. She revealed that after consulting with an inspector, she received a spreadsheet indicating incomplete works. Promptly, she sent an email to Donaldson questioning how he intended to close out the contract for Elite Maintenance since the required work had not been done.

In a pivotal moment, Cargill-Sherman confirmed that Gibson’s ex-fiancée Alexandria Mackey held the position of director at Elite Maintenance and had signed all relevant documents.


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