Twenty-seven students in the first cohort of the Smarter Bahamas Data Analytics Career Accelerator programme were celebrated and awarded for completing the six-month training.

HE Ambassador Sebastian Bastian, founder of the programme, along with University of the Bahamas (UB) Acting President Janyne Hodder presented certificates to the participants at a graduation ceremony in the Performing Arts Centre, UB, Thursday, February 29, 2024.

Ambassador Bastian remarked that the origin of the course was a result of a necessity and vision to fill a “critical” skills gap in the workforce and the vision to foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptability.

“We are at a [juncture] where the nature of work, skills demanded and the learning methodologies are evolving.

“It is commendable that UB recognizes this transformation and is proactive in its approach to education, ensuring that our curriculum is responsive to the needs of industries and our economy.

“We live in an era where data is widespread —  influencing every facet of business decision making. The transition towards data-driven industries is not a trend but is a fundamental shift of how businesses operate.”

He said the demand for data analytics expertise expands across sectors making it a pivotal skill set for the nation’s workforce.

He noted that the decision for the programme was informed by a comprehensive dialogue with diverse industry leaders in the nation who identified a pressing need for data savvy professionals.

Ambassador Bastian said the direct response to the need signals the industry leaders’ commitment to equipping Bahamian professionals with the tools and insights to excel in this growing field.

Ambassador Bastian expressed his gratitude for past nation builders who paved the way for him.  He encouraged the students to make their contribution to building The Bahamas.

“In 20, 10, 15 years it’s going to be your turn. You have a duty to your country, to yourself.

“Each of you has a collective responsibility to nation building and to contribute: the generation behind you is depending on you,” he said.


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