Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry for Grand Bahama and Member of Parliament for West Grand Bahama and Bimini, the Hon. Kingsley Smith recently gave ZNS News an update on the start of road repair on the island.

Smith said, “you will notice also on the Bayside Road in Eight Mile Rock and even on the back road of West End the will use the different materials not that good service, the highway surface. We’re hoping and I believe that with this upcoming contract and resurfacing pf the road both roads running through Eight Mile Rock and through West End will have the asphalt surfacing which obviously is more durable and will last longer.”

The Member of Parliament also addressed that doubts of residents that anything will be done about the roads. “There is a need, obviously, for roads but then you will also hear the same cry in Nassau, throughout Nassau, through Andros, through Abaco. So are we able to set aside all the funding needed to satisfy everybody simultaneously and obviously we could say no it does not happen that way. However, the government has done above to ensure that monies are in place, funding is in place, to make it happen.”

Smith appealed to his constituents for patience saying, “the announcement was made and I can almost say that it’s gonna happen sometime this year. It is obviously a nuisance to the road users. Again potholes been appearing for many years so I’m glad that the government now is taking the initiative to ensure that we have proper roads.”


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