PHA Donates First Aid Supplies to Local Baseball Leagues

Local juvenile baseball leagues received donations of first aid supplies from the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA). Presentations were made to the Freedom Farm Baseball League and the Junior Baseball League of Nassau (JBLN) on Saturday November 2, 2019 by PHA employees who enjoy participation in each league. Mr. Greg Burrows, President and Managing Director of the Freedom Farm Baseball League and other league officials received the presentation from Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre staff member, Diana Austin, during the league’s Showcase Day. Burrows expressed his gratitude to the PHA, “we hope that we don’t ever see the time in our baseball season when we have to use these things, but it is always good to have them around. So, we thank the PHA for that.” JBLN Board Member, Jodell Roberts, accompanied by other members of the league received the donation from the PHA’s Supplies Management Agency staff member, Mr. Preston Cartwright. Mrs. Roberts shared, “on behalf of JBLN I want to thank you for this wonderful donation for our first aid kit. We’re going to use these supplies for anyone who gets injured. This is the reason we were interested in having a first aid kit here, and I was interested in asking for such a donation for the league.” PHA Deputy Managing Director, Lyrone C. Burrows, noted that the PHA is closely involved with many national sporting events held in New Providence, including providing the support of its National Emergency Medical Services crews on site. This donation represents another avenue for the PHA to stand with sporting organizations in the country. “The PHA is pleased to support the further development of sport in the country, especially youth sports. With this donation to Freedom Farm and JBLN we hope to enhance the safety of children and adolescents as they enjoy healthy physical activity and reap the many benefits of involvement in team sports like baseball.”