Peter Nygard's work in shaping many in The Bahamas will long be remembered

NASSAU: Continuing his discussion of Peter Nygard's vast contributions to sports in the Bahamas, Wellington Miller shared how Boxing expanded following that initial introduction to Mr Nygard when he won the regional boxing tournament.

"The following year the regional boxing tournament was hosted in The Bahamas and we named it in honour of Mr. Nygard.

"The Government at the time could only advance $10,000 to support scores of athletes coming for the tournament. But Mr Nygard agreed to carry most of the cost as the host. In fact, our Caribbean partners got upset with us when they saw the level and quality of our event. Tournament participants were housed in the Crystal Palace Hotel and were furnished with an endless supply of quality meals. Transportation and limos were arranged for our guest to the country, which was at the level of an Olympic event. Mr Nygard went all out to make sure that event was a smashing success.

"I was so proud when the President and his lead officials came to the Bahamas and saw the work and preparations we had done for them, all funded and supported by Mr. Nygard. Those officials were knocked out."

That Tournament in 2002 was also the first tournament that Team Bahamas was completely outfitted in uniform. "We also made sure that the young boxers were awarded belts for their success in the ring. You should have seen how proud those young kids were, many of whom come from humble beginnings, being celebrated and acknowledged in this way.

Miller said the classy event is to this day the talk of the Caribbean. "....And you know Mr. Nygard did not just make sure the event ran well, but to the added comfort and pleasure of all our guests he provided added amenities to compliment the hosting of our guests to his home. Nygard made sure that guests who wanted to enjoy the beach did. He hired jet ski operators so that they could better enjoy the ocean and the beach. Those who wanted to go horseback riding did so. Some went on a boat ride and they played games all day. This was a great experience for the guests, one they have not forgotten.