New IDB Publication on Best Practices In Post Disaster Reconstruction in The Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas – The Inter-American Development Bank has highlighted global experiences following natural disasters in a publication on best practices in post disaster reconstruction in The Bahamas.

Presented in a virtual event for the government, organized by the IDB’s country office in The Bahamas, a summary document entitled ‘International Good Practices and Lessons in Post Disaster Reconstruction in The Bahamas’ offers insight on strategic efforts deployed in the wake of disasters in other countries around the world, including Myanmar, Japan and the British Virgin Islands.

The examples in the publication were outlined in an earlier webinar featuring The Bahamas’ National Emergency Management Agency and the Bahamas Disaster Reconstruction Authority.

“We are pleased to publish this brochure presenting creative solutions to developmental challenges,” said IDB Country Representative Daniela Carrera-Marquis. “Globally, experiences and lessons learned on post-disaster reconstruction efforts are still being systematically developed. This brochure provides an outline of what can be tracked, evaluated, and learned from post disaster reconstruction efforts around the world.

“The IDB Bahamas office remains committed to working with the government to propose more effective reconstruction projects.”

The deadly hurricane Dorian in 2019 caused loss of life and billions of dollars in damage. Experts provided several recommendations for recovery, including customized reconstruction based on the unique culture, investing in well-conceived resilient construction as well as in governance, public-private coordination, and financial and legal structures to enable resilient livelihood recovery and rapid and resilient reconstruction when there is significant national or localized catastrophic impact.