NEW BPL Board Announced

The Hon. Alfred Sears, Minister of Works and Utilities announced the new board of directors for Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) who will also serve on the board of Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC).

They are as follows: Pedro Rolle, Chairperson; Daniel Ferguson, Deputy Chairperson, and Errol Davis, Anthony Farrington, Reneka Knowles, Dirk Simmons, Cheryl Simms and Nadia Storr.

The announcement was made during a press briefing, November 22, 2021 at the E. Coburn Sands Building, Baillou Hill and Tucker Roads. Among those present were: Bacchus Rolle, Parliamentary Secretary; Luther Smith, Permanent Secretary; Whitney Heastie, CEO and members of the outgoing board including Dr. Donovan Moxey, former Chairman.


Minister Sears expressed thanks to Dr. Moxey and the outgoing board of the two entities and welcomed the new board members.  

He spoke of the Government’s “ambitious” target to achieve 30 percent of the power generation comprising renewable energy by 2030, particularly in light of the effects of Hurricane Dorian.
He said the goal is one that must be achieved, and resilience must be built: “we are fighting for the survival of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.”