Letter To The Editor:

Dear Editor;

I am reminded daily through commercials, pop-ups and banner ads on social media for the FNM how much has been made of Hubert Minnis, who never misses a chance to tell anyone he is a doctor and how many lives he has saved.  Every single commercial has been about him, every banner ad about how he grew up over the hill, every pop-up about how he understands the plight of everyday people.  Yet, all he does is demonstrate how much he can’t stand people who must struggle to get by every day.
How else do you explain, the reckless leadership approach taken in connection with COVID 19.  How do you not listen to doctors working on the frontlines everyday with COVID, but feel that the man who runs the wash house and the former engineer over at Ministry of Health clearly knows better.  That tells me all I need to know about Minnis and his judgement; he's only now shown interest because he is desperate for our votes.  This guy reminds us everyday he is a doctor, but makes decisions that puts the future of the country at risk.  He has given away our rights, he has locked us in a cycle of can’t go back, but can’t move on, he has rewarded party faithful (I mean, Carlyle Bethel is everywhere like counterfeit money and not qualified for any of it) and led the country to the brink of economic collapse, placing us all at risk.  Honestly, I never felt like I didn’t matter or was a second-class citizen until now.  I am one of many Bahamians taxed into a hole, but the “behind the gate crew” can write a harshly worded letter and have their taxes reversed in a matter of hours.  Really?  What do you owe these people Minnis, that you have sold us all out?  You are an absolute failure and have demonstrated that you are unfit for the job you hold, but we the Bahamian people can fix that problem.

Just know that you have brought us to this place; this is on you and the incompetent group of people around you….ALL OF THEM!  We need to save ourselves – VOTE THEM OUT!
Sincerely yours,
Freedom of Speech