Investigation into allegation of misconduct by immigration officer

The Department of Immigration wishes to advise that it has investigated an allegation of inappropriate conduct of a male immigration officer toward a female migrant, which conduct is alleged to have occurred at a Department Safe House.
The investigation, headed by the newly appointed Assistant Director of Immigration with responsibility for Corruption, Complaints and Intelligence assisted by officers of the Sexual Offences Unit of the Royal Bahamas Police Force  have determined that there is no substance to the allegation.

To be certain, the female migrant, the subject of the alleged inappropriate conduct, has made no complaint of, and denies the occurrence of any inappropriate conduct. Further, the female insists on her immediate repatriation.

The matter is closed. There shall be no further comment from the Department.

The Department of Immigration is committed to carrying out the mandates of our agency to combat illegal migration by establishing effective border control management to ensure compliance with the Statute Laws of our country.

For further information, you may visit our website at or call our hotline anonymously at 1-242-502-0574.