First Lady Davis suggest the need for Special Victims Unit

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Ann-Marie Davis, wife of Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis, yesterday suggested the Royal Bahamas Police Force create a Special Victims Unit (SPV) to specifically handle children and gender-based violence matters.

Davis, who heads the Office of the Spouse, was speaking on violence against women and children on the heels of the recent death of four-year-old D’Onya “Bella” Walker from blunt force trauma to her body, after being brutally beaten.

Her comments also come after video footage being circulated on social media of a man beating a woman in the street before running her over with his car. The woman remains in hospital in critical condition.

“We are abhorred by what took place, shocked that the poor woman was beaten and likely stabbed before being run over,” Davis said, responding to the horrific video.

“That is just so heart-wrenching.”

She noted that the Office of The Spouse is working with several local and international NGOs who work in the area of gender-based violence and join the advocacy to curb the increase in violence being seen.


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