DRA pleased with continued collaboration of NGOS in overall reconstruction efforts with a focus on Sweetings Cay

Grand Bahama, Bahamas - The collaboration between International Non-Governmental Organizations, CORE, SBP and Rotary Grand Bahama to provide a stable and secure homes for Dorian residents in Sweetings Cay is progressing well.   
DRA Managing Director Katherine Smith noted, “We appreciate the sweat equity given by our partners to provide homes and assist homeowners with repairs on Sweetings Cay. Our goal is to continue our reconstruction efforts and assist those impacted as a result of Dorian and continue this great collaboration with NGOs working in the Disaster Zones.

We thank Rotary Grand Bahama for constructing 9 homes for families on Sweetings Cay. Rotary is currently assisting 14 homeowners with repairs.
Smith also revealed that there are 37 Small Home Repair Program approved homeowners on Sweetings Cay with an approved amount of $357,500.00. Out of the 37 approved homeowners, 22 have received $199,979.10 in assistance leaving a balance of $7,520.90. She said there remains 15 homeowners who have not yet been assisted, however, their approval value is $150,000.00.
The DRA has a database of approximately Four Thousand (4,000) Abaco and Grand Bahama residents who have met the criteria for assistance from the Small Home Repair Program. Any Sweetings Cay Home that was destroyed by the Hurricane is entitled to a $10 Thousand Dollar purchase order.
Hurricane Dorian has had a catastrophic impact on homeowners and businesses throughout the Disaster Zones. The homes provided by Rotary Grand Bahama to Sweetings Cay residents are 80% completed.
Once Sweetings Cay residents received their Rotary Home and had applied for assistance from the DRA, they were able to receive the $10,000 purchase order.
The purchase order can be used for 100% labour or materials or a combination of both.

Smith further explained, “the DRA is focused on completing reconstruction work on Sweetings Cay. 18 temporary units are 80% completed on the cay which will be used for housing and business services. Other resources are being sought to deal with debris removal and marine clean up.” 
DRA is focused on completing reconstruction work on Sweetings Cay. Featured are 3 of the 18 temporary units which are 80% completed on the cay and will be used for housing and business services.