This Chef Recreates the Best Culinary Moments From Disney Movies on TikTok

Disney fans around the world are ogling the videos by one chef on TikTok who recreates some of the most mouth-watering moments seen on screen.

Gabrielle Williams, @gabby.jaye on TikTok, has risen to cyber culinary fame by splicing together videos of her cooking and the Disney scenes that inspire her creations.

Garnering 1 million followers on video platform by recreating scrumptious meals, as seen in Disney movies, she's concocted dishes like spaghetti from the iconic "Lady and the Tramp" scene, the party-stopping sorbet from "The Princess Diaries" and the haunted poison candied apples from "Enchanted."

She's even found a way to emulate the impossible cartoony-ness of certain foods, like the oozing pepperoni pizza from "A Goofy Movie."


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