BAMSI prepares to reopen for the Fall Semester 2022

ANDROS, The Bahamas As The Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science
Institute (BAMSI) prepares to reopen its doors in the Fall of 2022, Executive
Chairman Senator Tyrel Young, says admissions at the institution have increased.
Our admissions is up for September that’s why we’ve been pushing so hard. On
the other end, we’ve being doing so much work to get our admissions up. The
work has paid off. Our numbers are continuing to climb so we definitely have to
get the campus opened back up by September 2022 for the Fall Semester.
We’ve [gone] from 50-70 admissions to now over 100 close to 200 admissions.
Once we get the campus opened we will definitely will have a great successful fall
semester into spring/summer next year.

Senator Young gave the Hon. Alfred Sears, Minister of Works and Utilities a tour
of ongoing works during a recent visit to the campus located in San Andros.
Luther Smith, Permanent Secretary; Leonardo Lightbourne and Leon Lundy,
Parliamentary Secretaries; Melanie Roach, Director; Robert Mouzas, Deputy
Director along with other technical staff of the Ministry comprised the delegation.
Senator Young anticipates that the campus will reopen for face-to-face learning at
in September at full capacity.
We are here to try to finalize the assessment with contractors and consultants to
get BAMSI to a 100% completion and to bring awareness to what is going on at
We are trying to get the cafeteria completed and dorms so that in September --
the fall season we will have out students back face-to-face.

The Bahamas wants to see BAMSI completed; the entire Bahamas is excited and
the world is excited when it comes to agriculture. We are the mechanism of
training for agriculture here in The Bahamas. BAMSI is still in its infant stages but
we are well on the way to great success,” said Senator Young.