A Bahamasair employee dies after being forced to return to work

A Bahamasair employee died yesterday after being forced to work despite health warnings and medical advice confirming the woman was unfit to work.

An internal communication to staff reports that Sabrina Wright died yesterday, alledgedly after suffering a serious health challenge.

Wright, before her death, presented the airline’s Human Resources Department with a doctor’s note indicating that she was unfit to work.

But in a cold calculating response, the Board at Bahamasair rejected the medical recommendations and ordered that Wright come to work or suffer a pay cut.

What is happening at the national flag carrier is that they are so insensitive to the health of their employees that the airline decided to force a sick woman to work against medical sound advice.  WHAT IS THIS?

Someone must be fired for this!

We await a response from the Board at Bahamasair before we take this matter up a notch!