Anatol Rodgers hosts first Youth Leadership Seminar

Nassau, The Bahamas – Students from six public high schools have been empowered to be among the nation’s next generation of leaders.


Anatol Rodgers Senior High School, in partnership with Toastmasters International hosted its first Youth Leadership Seminar Thursday, May 28, for eleventh and twelfth graders. Schools represented were Anatol Rodgers, C.V. Bethel, C. R. Walker, C. C. Sweeting, C.I. Gibson, and Government High School. The theme for the virtual event was “Quality Youths Empowering Future Leaders.”


The event was organized by Raven Collie, head girl and Collin Simmons, head boy in collaboration with head prefects from the participating high schools.

Speakers included: Leonardo Burrows, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM); Tiffany Burrell-Roberts, DTM; Shakira Taylor, DTM; Ivan Thompson, DTM and  Charmaine Hanna.


Presentations were made on the following topics: Thinking Innovatively, Team Building, Capitalizing Your Strengths, Leadership 101 and Healthy Communications.

Ms. Taylor impressed the following nuggets upon the students and urged them to identify and capitalize on their strengths, and use them to live their best lives.
“We were born with innate qualities,” said Ms. Taylor. “They are parts of our personalities. If we know them and integrate them we can use them. Don’t allow people to pigeon hole you or put you in a box based on how you are showing up. Identify them and use them as a part of your tool box,” said Ms. Taylor.


She listed the following:

Practice self-awareness;
Follow what you love or enjoy doing;
The opinion of others does not matter if they are not in the ring of your life;
-Place yourself in an environment that enhances your strengths;
Have a growth mindset instead of a goal mindset
Mr. Thompson told the students that what they do is more important than what they say. He expounded on the following:
-Focus on the strengths of those around you;
-Be a role model at all times;
-Know your leadership style;
-Manage conflict;
-Set the tone;
-Create team chemistry and team goals


Ms. Hanna informed the students that communication is impossible without being open, honest and vulnerable.


“When conflicts happen you can’t avoid them but you can choose your words and actions carefully to resolve them without hurt. You can step up, speak to the person without being aggressive and forceful because the conflict has to be dealt with. Also, pay attention to your verbal and non-verbal communication,” she advised.