The Chairman of the Bahamas College of Bishops is voicing the concern of the organization on the latest spate of sexual assaults.

Bishop Walter Hanchell said, “the Bishop College of Bishops is very outraged as to what is happening in our country right now, in particular, with the 9 year old child and the elderly persons.”

Bishop Hanchell informed that the College of Bishops had not yet met and when that happens a press statement would be released which will include their intended plan of action.

The Bishop further stated, “what is happening now in The Bahamas is unacceptable.  We cannot stand by idly and watch our women and our children be sexually assaulted and do nothing about it. The members of the College of Bishops are very upset and I’m sure many other pastors are as to what is happening.  And we decided rather than just ignore it, do nothing, we will put our heads together, pray, come up with some solutions and make some recommendations to the government, make some recommendations to the judiciary and also make some recommendation to the families.  Because what is happening right now are not isolated cases, it been happening for years.  Unless we take the bull by the horn and deal with such evil it gets worse.”

Hanchell says the church should be the most outspoken on such issues, get out of the four walls and become a part of the solution.


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